Valana Minerals offers 100% natural and vegan makeup and we specialize in diverse shades!

The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul and these colors are full of brilliant soul and spirit. The inspiration for these collections range from the delicate iridescent wings of a butterfly to the rich lively, Brazilian Atlantic Forest to the beautifully violent birth of a Hawaiian Volcano. Eye Indulgence© colors offer a peek into the colors of the earth…so indulge.

Each collection includes a highlight color, a midtone and a contour color. This makes choosing coordinating colors easy. If you want to experiment, just remember that our eye colors are available ‘a la carte’ so feel free to mix and match.

Eye Indulgence© colors are formulated with 100% natural and vegan ingredients. Each offers smooth application, versatile coverage (wet or dry), are easy to blend and are long wearing.

Use these colors sparingly because they are concentrated. For evening or more dramatic looks, layer colors or use a wet brush to apply for vibrant, intense color. If you like to experiment with color you can use Eye Indulgence© for cheek, nail or lip color. Note: If you want to paint your lips blue, use Mystic Lava do not use Mystic Pacific on your lips.

You should also visit the Makeup School Studio for tutorials and information on application and color choice. If you have questions, contact our customer service team through the Customer Service Center.

See the new eye colors below: Divine and Saffron.

Eye Indulgence (new larger jars)
3g Volume / 5g Jar

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