Valana Minerals offers 100% natural and vegan makeup and we specialize in diverse shades!

Wouldn’t it feel great to set aside time for your care?
We took care of the strategy so you can take care of YOU.

Imagine the feeling you’ll get when you see your initial results?
Fun activities help keep you motivated.

Are you ready to connect with a supportive self-care group?
No problem, we’re your cheer squad and solution team.

Self care is important. Part of your self care may include the choice to switch to all natural and vegan Valana Minerals or embark on a natural hair journey or may include something as mundane as showing up for your next dentist appointment to get your teeth cleaned.
Your strategy and support in creating a self care plan are here. This is an introduction to the full program that will be part of the Unapologetic Rejuvenation Hawaii Retreat, this challenge will give you insight into the full program.

We start on 10/19/17 at 6pm – Join the Unapologetic Rejuvenation Retreat FB group to participate at

Grab the details and schedule a discovery call at


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