Valana Minerals offers 100% natural and vegan makeup and we specialize in diverse shades!

Natural, loose, crushed mineral powder is the best option for naturally pure foundation. This product acts as a foundation, loose powder, sun protection and concealer all in one. Our colors are rich, deep and work well with a diverse range of skin tones and four realistic undertone categories. The texture and consistency of Stardust Luxury Foundation© is remarkably smooth and creamy to the touch in this 4 in 1 product.

Our unique Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide blend, means that our deep, rich colors will not leave an ‘ashy’ or dry look but will provide excellent, flexible coverage. Our products do not contain Bismuth, nano-particles and are cruelty free. Stardust Luxury Foundation© leaves no gray silvery appearance and you don’t need to “buff” it into your skin. The colors stay true from morning to night. Because Valana Minerals™ colors are natural and specifically designed for diverse skin tones, you won’t find shocking red or oxidized orange undertones.

What you will find are great colors, weightless, breathable, complete concentrated coverage, and unsurpassed quality. Valana Minerals are also great for people with rosacea, vitiligo, or acne. The quality will be immediately apparent.

If you are unsure about choosing the right color, take advantage of our Sample Purchase Program. Please feel free to contact a Customer Service Representative for assistance choosing your foundation color. You should also visit the Makeup School-Studio for tutorials and information on application and color choice. To ensure proper application, use our Faux Collection: Vegan Cosmetic Brushes. If you have questions, contact our customer service team through the Customer Service Center.

Stardust Luxury Foundation
7g. Volume / 20g. Jar

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