Put your glasses on!


After reading this article in Black Enterprise online I thought about my eyewear. As I get older, I’ve found that my eyesight isn’t what it used to be and I need magnification. One thing that hasn’t changed is my frugality. Yeah, I’m kinda cheap and I loose things…often. Another consideration was my eyeshadow. I don’t just make it, I wear it everyday. So, I do need to consider eyewear styles that enhance my eye shadow rather than cover it up.

When I decided to buy basic glasses, I found the least expensive styles and bought several so I could have a pair in every room and the car. I’m sure the concierge service described in the article are fabulous. However, when I bought my own glasses, I didn’t even think of looking for more expensive or stylish eyewear. Mostly the styles I chose had very narrow frames so my eyeshadow wouldn’t be hidden. My selection was just based on price and narrow frames. I had to give this more consideration.

Ok, so an upgrade was in order. I got 10% off my new specs at Boomer Eyewear with the code BOOMERGO. I like some of these styles and this Black Enterprise article
offers great tips on choosing the right style for you and information on a unique upscale concierge service for eyewear. Now, I can actually see as I’m putting on my Eye Indulgence eye shadow.

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